There are many stages in the construction of indoor football pitch. All these stages require engineering knowledge and equipment. In short, you can read our article to be informed about the construction of indoor football pitch.

Indoor Football Pitch Construction Technical Specifications

Indoor Football Pitch Construction Technical Specifications

1. Insrastructure of Indoor Football Pitch:

  • The area will be excavated and levelled.
  • Football pitch will contain 8mm, 12mm iron bars in conrete.
  • BS 20 Ready-mixed concrete will be poured in the moulds.
  • The area will be filled with gravel.

2. Steel Structure – Portal Frame Construction:

  • Iron pipes connected to each other and welded vertically to iron plates fixed in the boundary contrete
  • Portal frame system welded & connected to the vertical columns.
  • Portal frame covered by a canvas-tent or sheet metal covering.
  • Sides will be fenced with PVC coated and galvanised 5*5 cm and 3,5 mm thick wire-fence.
  • Celing and sides covered by 15*15 cm pores and 2mm thick net.

3. Football Pitch Foodlights:

  • 400W projectors or 200W LED projectors will be fixed on the top of the pitch.
  • Electricity cables extended upto electricity board and will be delivered in working condition.

4. Indoor Artificial Turf for Football:

  • Indoor astroturf rolls will be installed on the felt after surface correction.
  • Football artificial turf glued together with the help of a 2 component adhesive.
  • White or yellow lines will be fixed manually as artificial turf not painting.
  • 3G artificial grass filled with silica sand and SBR granule.
  • Football turf types: fibrillated or monofillament
  • Football turf pile heights: 40mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm

Indoor Football Pitch Dimensions

  • Minimum dimesnions are 15m x 30m
  • Minimum dimesions are 20m x 40m
  • Optimum dimesnions are 30m x 50m
  • Maximum dimensions are 35m x 60m