• Steel Construction Depot Building

  • Steel Construction Entrepot Building

Steel Construction Depot & Entrepot Building

Depots and entrepots are the solid constructions which are generally built from steel in Indoor forms as the major companies’ storages, stock spaces for custom areas, depots for construction yards and storages for various companies to maintain their huge sum of goods.

How are the Steel Portal Frames, Construction Depots and the Entrepots are Constructed ?

Steel construction depots and entrepots are completely made by our company by our experienced steel craftmen staff. In the process of their production , generally  I-beam irons, U Irons and box profiles are used. As first step , the structure of the steel depot with the demanded size and dimensions is designed and drawn as AutoCAD project by our engineers. After the designed steel depot or entrepot is animated 3 Dimensioned (3D) in metric system , it’s presented to the project owner for the acceptance. The static projects of the constructions are as well projected on the required situations.

The construction process starts just after acquiring the necessary permissions for the steel construction project which is drawn as AutoCAD and 3D.

Primarily, the concrete surface which is necesarry for the substructure of the steel depot or entrepot is applied to the ground in accordance with the project. During the substructure construction period, the steel construction elements are cut into sizes just as they are projected before in AutoCAD. The steels are cut in appropirate angles and shapes for their montage points. Flanges and other fastening elements are cut in plasma machine just fit to their montage points and they are proceesed. On delivery after the cutting process, the transported steel parts are lifted and montaged with the help of a crane and structional frameworks. According to the demand the montage process can be done with welding or  be done as bolt system which is demontaged. It is recommanded to apply the welding system for the depots and entrepots which is built for permanent period of time.

Upper siding can also be applied upon the upper and the side parts of the steel portal frame construction body of the depot and the entrepot which has been formed . Generally for siding , galvanized plates , painted steel plates, sandwich panels or  special pvc materials are used. The benefit from daylight is provided by montaging opac panels on the sides and on the roof of the steel portal frame construction which is formed. Our company provide the service for the illimunation system installation, however the running electricity wires process is done by the customer himself.  The enterance is designed and manufactured according the construction depots or entrepots purpose of usage.

For steel portal frame construction depot or entrepot building and their projects as well as the price offers , please contact with us: info@neonmetal.com