Steel Frame Factory Building

Project Design of Steel Frame Factory Building and Construction

Steel Frame Factory Building or steel portal frame factory construction requires skilled craftmen and extra experience as it is classified as large size construction building. Kindly contact with us for more information on steel beam industrial facility and factory building.

How the steel frame factory construction is built ?

We have contactor and engineering services for steel portal frame factory building.

The indurstial buildings may have different usage purposes and by this reason they have various special designes. In these kind of standart or special design projects our engineer team  draw projects of the steel construction factory in accordance with the special design demanded.


How the Steel Frame Factory Building Projecting Process is Done ? 

Steel Factory Building  cost is figured out primarly by projecting the steel construction.

Steel Factory Building  contactor companies must calculate the overall cost in accordance with the project.

SAP 2000 Çelik Konstrüksiyon fabrika statik proje çizim hesaplama fiyatlarıThe required projects for construction a steel frame factory building is ;

  • AutoCAD Project Drawing ( Kindly contact with us for more info for drawing AutoCAD Project Cost. )
  • Static Project Drawing ( Kindly contact with us for more info for drawing Steel Construction Static Project cost in SAP 2000 )
  • 3D Architectual Project Drawing ( Kindly contact with us for more info for drawing 3D Architectual Project cost. )

AutoCAD project and static project drawings and calculations , 3D architectual project drawings are drawn by our engineer and architect team and signed by our company.

Attention ! Please do not rely the projects of which static project and calculations have not been figured out.

What is the Cost of Steel Construction Factory Building ?

For the steel frame construction factory cost, concept project drawing is done after the first meeting with the customer. Over the concept project the composition of the steel factory construction is determined and the extra changings, addings or removals are compromised.

After the final status of the concept project , the construction units are formed and by calculation the quantities upon the project information , the cost of the steel construction factory is calculated. Onwards the understanding of the real concept of the project the Application Project process is began. A finely drawn concept project can also be used as application project as well.


The construction of the steel portal frame factory of which application project has been drawn starts with excavation and restoration of the substructure.

The flanges ,upon which the steel construction are constructed, are applied on the substructure according to their positions drawn in the project. The construction proceeds by building of the steel columns. The steel roof, which is generally manufactured by applying A system roofing tecnique , is placed upon the steel construction with the help of a crane.

Various roofing systems are available as well.

After this process, the body of the Steel Construction of the Factory is finally completed. The siding of the steel factory construction can be done from the demanded material. Usually for siding , deck sheet material is preferred. For the factories which heat isolation is required, sandwich panel materials are used. On the roof parts, steel panels are widely applied. By applying opac panels between the columns , we take the advantage of the day-light.

Kindly contact with us for building a turnkey factory , and  having more information-support about factory construction cost, factory building contractor companies, how the factory construction is done, steel factory building, factory plant building , factory roofing systems and general questions for factory building.